500+ fines in four months: misuse of disability parking permits

Released 21/06/2019

People are reminded not to use disability parking permits if they are not the permit holder.

The reminder comes after 272 infringements were issued to drivers in just one month (15 February to 15 March 2019 inclusive) for using lost, stolen or invalid disability parking permits. An additional 307 infringements have been issued up until 15 June 2019.

Access Canberra’s Director of Parking Operations and Traffic Camera Compliance, Chris Seddon, said technology now allows parking inspectors to interrogate data while on patrol and check for the use of invalid disability permits or those that have been reported lost or stolen.

“This is good news for those genuinely seeking a disabled car park who often find car spaces occupied by illegally parked vehicles,” Mr Seddon said.

“Most of the fraudulent use is due to people, other than the permit holder, using the permit when the permit holder is not in the vehicle.

“Disability parking permits are issued to the person with the disability not the vehicle.”

Chris Seddon reminded ACT drivers that disability parking permit holders must be travelling in the vehicle to use the permit. If a permit holder is not travelling in the vehicle it is an offence for any other person to display and use the permit.

“For example, if a driver drops off a permit holder in say Woden, the driver is not entitled to use the permit in Civic without the permit holder being with them,” Mr Seddon said.

“It is also illegal to use the permit of a person who has passed away.”

A $600 fine applies if a vehicle is parked in a disabled car bay with a lost, stolen, expired or deceased person’s permit.

A $120 fine applies if a vehicle is displaying a lost, stolen, expired or deceased persons permit in timed or pay parking bay.

“If permit holders report a parking permit as lost and then find it later, they should hand in the lost permit at an Access Canberra Service Centre because anyone found displaying a lost permit will be issued with a parking fine,” Mr Seddon said.

“It’s recommended that when permit holders are not travelling in a vehicle, they keep their disability parking permits with them to avoid possible misuse.

“Disability parking permits are to be displayed in the A5 parking permit holders provided. This allows parking inspectors to easily identify the permits.

“By following these tips, permit holders play an important part in ensuring we have fair and equitable parking arrangements for all,” Mr Seddon said.

For further information visit www.act.gov.au/disabilityparking.

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