Tough trees and sturdy shrubs for free

Released 09/10/2018

If you have just purchased a brand new residential block of land in the ACT then it might be time to pay a visit to the Yarralumla Nursery and get a hold of some new shrubs and plant for free.

“Canberra’s climate can be challenging for those looking to start a new garden, but Yarralumla Nursery is here to help with its free plant issue scheme,” Yarralumla Wholesale Nursery General Manager, Jane Carder, said.

“The Nursery can provide a range of hardy cool climate plants that will also tolerate Canberra’s drier conditions. These include a range of groundcovers, shrubs and hedging plants, such as Callistemon, Pineapple Guava (Fejoa), Hebe and Native Rosemary (Westringia).

“By choosing these more tolerant plants residents will be able to create beautiful gardens in their new homes, with less chance that the plants will not take to Canberra’s harsher climate.

“Anyone who gardens in the ACT will know the challenges of maintaining plants from temperate climates through a Canberra winter, or through a Canberra summer for that matter. Choosing suitable plants right from the beginning can certainly make gardening easier in the longer term.

“If you have purchased a brand new residential block you are entitled to an allocation of plants from the Yarralumla Nursery. We provide these plants to help you beautify your new home and your suburb for free. The Nursery is open to collect your plant issue from 9 am to 3.30 pm weekdays. You will need to bring along your Certificate of Occupancy and rates notice as evidence to claim the free plant allocation.

“Since the free plant issue scheme was introduced in 1930, it has placed a strong emphasis on preserving Canberra’s "Garden City" concept.

“We hope to encourage new home owners to start their garden as soon as possible with plants suitable for the Canberra’s unique climate and soil conditions so new home owners will be able to start a thriving and sustainable garden.”

The Yarralumla Nursery offers three packages of plants available right now. Package A contains your choice of 20 plants in 140mm sized pots. Package B contains 10 more mature plants in 200mm pots. Package C is a mixture of 10 plants 140mm and 5 plants in 200mm pots.

For more information on the free plant issue scheme, or on the Yarralumla Nursery, visit

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