Even in the heat, European Wasps take it to the streets

Released 13/02/2019

Recent hot weather has not stopped European wasp (eWasp) sightings in the Canberra community, with nests and stinging incidents reported to the eWasp hotline.

“There have been a substantial number of eWasp sightings and nests with more expected as the warmer weather continues,” CoreEnviro Solutions Senior Pest and Weed Officer, Jim Bariesheff said.

“Since 1 December 2018 to 7 February 2019, a total of 111 eWasp nests have been reported with 13 stinging incidents. Suburbs that have commonly reported eWasp nests include Pialligo, Weston, Forde, Franklin and Dunlop.

“Some nests can contain 2,000 eWasps. This number is expected to grow even further by the end of February.”

Most of the stinging incidents have been from residents who disturbed a nest from gardening or with a hose.

If an eWasp nest is disturbed, or the colony is threatened, the wasps will become very aggressive in protecting their nest. Wasps will swarm in large numbers and can sting multiple times. Multiple stings can cause a severe allergic reaction, if this occurs, seek immediate medical attention.

“Nests are often hidden with the most common nesting sites in wall cavities, a hole in the ground, roof voids and they can also be found in conifer trees. Wasps can gain access through cracks, crevices and holes around windows and door frames,” Mr Bariesheff said.

It is strongly advised that when a nest is located stay clear from the area, report it to the eWasp Hotline on 6258 5551 and call a professional pest control company to treat/destroy the nest as soon as possible. More information, images and a list of pest control companies is available at www.ewasp.com.au

Café/restaurant owners who are experiencing large numbers of eWasps around their premises are also asked to contact the European Wasp Hotline. A new feature of the eWasp app is to report high sighting areas.

CoreEnviro Solutions will also host special guests from Japan this week with a film crew visiting Canberra to record a documentary on eWasps in the ACT and across Australia. The impact wasps have on our community and treatments used to manage them will be discussed in the documentary.

Various locations of known hot spots will feature in the documentary. Residents with eWasp stories are invited to be part of the production and share them. More information on the filming can be obtained directly from the eWasp Hotline.

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