Delegation to pitch bonds, culture and tourism

Released 11/07/2019

The Chief  Minister will lead an ACT Government delegation to Singapore and London this  week, with a focus on attracting banks to invest in ACT Government bonds,  increasing ties with overseas cultural institutions and furthering Canberra's  relationships with Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines to further grow inbound  international tourism.

The delegation will meet with some of  the world'''s largest banks, including Norges Bank and Barclays Bank to promote  bond investment opportunities in the ACT.

Engaging with international financial markets to grow our  investor base ensures the ACT can borrow at the most affordable rates to fund  our record $3 billion public infrastructure investment program.

The  delegation will also include meetings with the directors of a number of  Singapore and London's most significant cultural institutions to help attract  more domestic and international visitors to Canberra.

Canberra's  institutions already enjoy strong ties with their overseas counterparts,  sharing expertise, research, cultural insights and exhibitions. This includes  the National Arboretum with the Botanic Gardens in Singapore and the National  Museum of Australia with the British Museum in London.

Mathew  Trinca, Director of the National Museum, will join the delegation to further  build on the existing collaboration and MoU between the National Museum of  Australia and the British Museum.

The  United Kingdom is the second largest inbound tourism market for the ACT, with  thirty five percent growth in the last five years. This sensational growth has been  possible through the ease of connectivity on both Singapore Airlines and Qatar  Airways. The delegation will meet with market representatives of both airlines  to further grow awareness of Canberra as a tourism destination.

The Chief  Minister will also meet with the Deputy Mayor of London, Rajesh Argawal and the  London Night Czar, Amy Lamé, to discuss the night-time economy and smart city  initiatives.

The cost of  the Chief Minister's delegation is approximately $47,000 with costs to be met  from the existing budget allocation for the ACT Executive. The final cost will  be released as part of the regular travel reports.

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