Canberrans encouraged to ‘Love Food Hate Waste’

Released 12/08/2020

Canberrans are being encouraged to reduce their food waste with the launch of the ACT Government’s new campaign ‘Love Food Hate Waste’.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign will educate everyday Canberrans on meaningful action they can take to reduce their food waste, helping households and families to save thousands of dollars off their annual food bills.

“Education is a critical component to the successful roll out of a future food waste collection scheme. Before we recycle food, we need to work to reduce the amount of food waste we are producing in the first place,” Minister for Recycling and Waste Reduction Chris Steel said.

“26,000 tonnes of household food waste goes to the ACT landfill each year but this can be reduced by following some simple tips.

“These tips will help households save money, and help the ACT become more climate friendly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted when organic material goes in landfill.

“By rethinking the food we throw it is estimated that Canberra households can save up to $3,800 every year off their food bills – that’s up to $73 each week.

“On average, Australian households end up throwing out 20 per cent of the groceries they buy, or one in every five bags. Reducing food waste is as simple as making a meal plan, fine-tuning our shopping list and sticking to the list, storing food well and using our leftovers.

“We want Canberrans to know what can be achieved if we make simple changes and to know that there is avoidable food waste.

“Every day there is good food being thrown away that could have been eaten. If people adopt into their lifestyle a handful of suggested actions, we will notice a reduction in the amount of food going to landfill.

“Thinking about how we shop, how we eat and how we store our food we will not only save families money, but we will be creating a more sustainable lifestyle.”

The ACT Government program is based on the successful Love Food Hate Waste campaign developed in the United Kingdom. The campaign is also delivered by the Victorian and NSW Governments, Brisbane City Council and other places across the world.

For simple tips and ideas on how to Love Food Hate Waste, visit:

Media: Photos from the campaign launch are available on request.

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