Canberrans benefit from new energy efficiency laws

Released 03/05/2012

Over 70,000 Canberra households are estimated to benefit from an ACT Government scheme to boost energy efficiency in their homes and in turn save up to $300 off their energy bills by the year 2015, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.

The Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Bill passed the Legislative Assembly today.

"This important legislation means that electricity retailers companies will now be obliged to provide energy efficiency services to households who want to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce their electricity bills," Mr Corbell said.

"This bill will help Canberrans to save money while saving the environment. This is a win-win.

"In developing this legislation the government undertook comprehensive economic modelling which shows that an average household will save on average $300 by the end of 2015.

Mr Corbell said actual savings for individual households would vary depending on the specific energy efficiency requirements of their household, the size of their household and their level of participation in the scheme.

"The other important benefit of this new legislation is that it will see a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by almost 750,000 tonnes over the life of the scheme," Mr Corbell said.

"It is disappointing that the ACT Opposition is refusing to support this cost saving measure for Canberra households, and instead is getting bogged down in making claims about cost that are untrue and misleading.

Mr Corbell highlighted the irony in the Canberra Liberal's position on this legislation which was at odds with the policy position of Liberal governments around Australia.

"A similar energy efficiency scheme has been recently expanded by the Victorian Liberal Government to include small and medium sized businesses. Why can't Mr Seselja put politics aside and agree that a precedent has been set by his own party in other states, and support this energy and cost saving measure here in the ACT?," Mr Corbell said.

"I thank the other members of the Assembly who have engaged seriously and in a constructive nature during today's debate, and look forward to seeing this scheme rolled out in the Territory," he said.

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