Canberra's heritage reflected in new suburb names

Released 18/06/2012

The newest suburbs in the Molonglo Valley will be named Denman Prospect and Molonglo, reflecting the involvement of Lord and Lady Denman in the early years of Canberra and the importance of the river, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.

"Lord Thomas and Lady Gertrude Denman held key roles in the birth of Canberra and I believe commemorating their name is a small token of our appreciation of their lasting work," Mr Corbell said.

"The name is a link from the past to the future for this Centenary suburb, so it is fitting to be naming 'Denman Prospect' in the lead up to the centenary of Canberra.

"The use of the suffix 'Prospect' meaning view, vision or the outlook for the future is also considered significant in the context of the naming of Canberra almost 100 years ago. The inclusion of 'Prospect' will also distinguish the new suburb from Denman in New South Wales."

Lady Denman is well known for standing upon the newly laid foundation stones and pronouncing,
"I name the capital of Australia - Canberra."

Lord Denman served as Governor-General of Australia from 1911-14. On 12 March 1913, he inaugurated the site of the future capital and laid the first Foundation Stone of the Commencement Column on Capital Hill.

As with all Canberra suburbs, the suburb's street names will have a theme, with 'activism and reform' being the theme in Denman Prospect.

The second suburb to be developed in Molonglo Valley Stage 2 will be named Molonglo and will contain a large group centre which will serve as the commercial centre for the district.

"The name 'Molonglo', believed to mean, 'the sound of thunder' in local Aboriginal language, was chosen to underline the cultural and heritage significance of the area. The name also reflects Walter Burley Griffin's preference to use cultural place names that are long associated with a locality.

Mr Corbell made the name determinations following advice from the ACT Place Names Committee. The committee includes representatives with a significant knowledge of Australian history.

"The committee gave very careful consideration to the most appropriate name for the next two divisions to be developed in the Molonglo Valley and I am pleased to announce these two suburbs to continue the roll out of the Molonglo Valley development."

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