Focus on service delivery, active lifestyles and mental health

Released 12/12/2014

New Minister for Health, Simon Corbell, today welcomed his new role and accepted the challenges involved with one of the ACT Government's most important portfolios.

"I am looking forward to making sure the people of Canberra and our surrounding region continue to have access to first-class health care," Mr Corbell said.

"The ACT Labor government has delivered strong results for the people who use, rely upon and work in our world-class health care system.

"It is important that we continue to make the investment necessary to make sure that we not only give the sick, injured and unwell the care they need but also have in place preventative policies and services that will help ease the high demand on our health care system."

Mr Corbell said he intended to build on the important investments that the government had already made in health.

"Through the Health Infrastructure Program this government has already invested $876 million in health infrastructure," Mr Corbell said. 

"From the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, walk-in centres in Tuggeranong and Belconnen, community health care centres in Gungahlin, Belconnen and Tuggeranong, a new adult mental health unit and the Canberra Region Cancer Centre, to numerous investments in equipment and information technology, this Labor government has made improving our health care system a priority.

"Since we came into government we have increased bed numbers by 56% from 670 to 1048.

"I look forward to continuing to build on these important investments into the future."

Mr Corbell said it was important that the healthcare system provided for all Canberrans, regardless of who they were, where they lived or how much they earned.

"As the new Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, said in his acceptance speech in the Legislative Assembly yesterday, in a good city and a good system health care should never rely on how much is in someone's wallet when they get hurt or when they arrive," Mr Corbell said.

One priority critical to managing the demand on the health care system is to implement policies that will help prevent illness, injury and disease.

"Reducing our high level of obesity, helping people be more active and having a physically and mentally healthier Canberra are key to reducing the high level of demand that already impacts all areas of our health system," Mr Corbell said.

"Continuing to implement the whole-of-government Healthy Weight Initiative will be a key priority.

"We will always have sick people that will require care; we will always have people with mental illness that will require care; and we will always have injured people who will require care; but if we can reduce the number of people who are entering the system by helping them stay healthy and by preventing accidents then we can ease the pressure on the system."

Mr Corbell is also looking forward to being a strong advocate for improving mental health.

"Mental illness is still all too often associated with stigma and shame. People with mental illness still face challenges in receiving the care and support they need," Mr Corbell said.

"I want to be known as a health minister who is concerned with raising awareness of mental health issues and improving access to services for people needing care."

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