ACT leads push for alignment of climate change and energy policy

Released 24/07/2015

A proposal by the ACT to better align national and sub-national carbon mitigation and energy policies has been supported at the COAG Energy Council meeting in Perth today.

The strategic issues paper proposed by Minister for the Environment Simon Corbell sought to bring together a number of matters relating to the important interaction of carbon mitigation and energy policies across Australia.

“While energy and carbon policies have traditionally been considered separately their interactions are undeniable,” Mr Corbell said.

“Climate change can no longer be considered as only an environmental issue. It must now be recognised as a major structural reform agenda for energy ministers and the energy sector.

“It is important that we acknowledge that the generators in the National Electricity Market are responsible for more than a third of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and that the generation sector needs to make an efficient contribution to the national abatement effort.

“Today’s agreement by the council sets in train a process where governments and energy market institutions can plan the decarbonisation of the National Electricity Market. The council recognised its central role in ensuring policies to reduce carbon emissions are efficient and effective and in the long-term interests of consumers.”

The strategic paper noted that cooperation on key issues was required to prepare the NEM for a lower-emissions future, including:

  • How the national energy market bodies should provide input into the development and implementation of carbon mitigation policies;
  • the need to work across jurisdictions, where possible, to harmonise energy efficiency and renewable energy support schemes; and
  • how regulatory frameworks can enable greater consumer choices in relation to new products and services, such as solar-battery storage.

"I am grateful to my council colleagues for their support in making this decision today, which sets important strategic direction that will ensure the success of both energy and carbon policies by aligning consideration of both areas in the work of the council," Mr Corbell said.

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