Art In, Butt Out a breath of fresh air for teens

Released 19/08/2015

The winner of the 2015 Art In, Butt Out competition, an annual competition that provides an opportunity for high school students from across the ACT to design an anti-smoking advertisement, was today presented by Minister for Health Simon Corbell.

This year’s winning entry, by Year 8 student Jack Witchalls, was chosen as it ticked all the boxes with the judges on sending a clear message to teenagers about the dangers of smoking.

“I congratulate all of the students who entered this year’s competition, and thank the parents and teachers who have provided ongoing support and encouragement,” Mr Corbell said.

An initiative of the Australian Medical Association ACT Tobacco Task Force, the Art In, Butt Out competition allows young people to use their creativity to communicate the anti smoking message to their peers.

“I am proud to say that the ACT has made significant progress in reducing the proportion of secondary school students who smoke. In 2011, only 5.8% of 12 – 17 year old students in the ACT reported being current smokers, which is well below the 1996 figure of 20.4%.

“However, we cannot afford to be complacent. Research shows us that the majority of smokers take up the habit during childhood and adolescence,” Mr Corbell said. 

“People who start smoking at a young age are more likely to smoke for longer and more heavily than those who start smoking later in life.

“Initiatives such as the Art In, Butt Out competition play an important role in spreading the anti smoking message and discouraging our young people from taking up the habit.

“I commend the Australian Medical Association ACT, its Tobacco Task Force, and Canberra Milk on their ongoing commitment to this competition since it began in 2008.”

The winning entry from the 2015 Art In, Butt Out competition will appear on Canberra Milk cartons between September and October this year.

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