Released 30/08/2013

The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate is reminding anglers that the Murray cod fishing season will close at midnight on Saturday, 31 August 2013.

The Director of Environment Protection and Water Regulation, Daniel Walters, said the closed season will remain in effect until midnight 30 November 2013.

Anglers are still permitted to fish the Murrumbidgee River within the ACT (downstream from the junction with the Gudgenby River); the Molonglo River downstream of its junction with the Queanbeyan River; and Canberra’s urban lakes and ponds, which remain open to fishing all year round.

"During the closed season if you catch a Murray cod in these waterways you must return it to the water with the least amount of injury possible," Mr Walters said.

"By observing these simple rules, fishing enthusiasts will help look after the valuable recreational resources for future generations and maintain the ACT’s reputation as a great place to catch a variety of freshwater fish, including the native Murray cod."

The season is closed in accordance with the Fisheries Act 2000. The legislation is designed to conserve fish species and their habitat and promote sustainable, high quality and viable recreational fishing in the ACT.

"The closure provides additional protection to Murray cod during their spawning season when the fish are more aggressive and easier to catch. Protection of spawning fish is essential if Murray cod are to be managed in a sustainable way," Mr Walters said.

The closed season in the ACT is the same as those in force in NSW and Victorian waters.

It is an offence to take Murray cod from public waters during the closed season and any persons found doing so can be issued with an on-the-spot fine of $250 with the maximum penalty of up to $5,500.

For more information call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 or view the Recreational Fishing in the ACT information sheet.

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