New kangaroo management plan guided by research and best-practice

Released 11/05/2017

A new plan of management for Eastern Grey Kangaroos in Canberra has been released today following public consultation.

“The Eastern Grey Kangaroo: Controlled Native Species Management Plan aims to maintain populations of the species as a significant component of the ‘bush capital’, while also managing their environmental, economic and social impacts,” Conservator for Flora and Fauna, Dr Annie Lane said.

“Heavy grazing by large populations of kangaroos can have a significant impact on native grasslands, woodlands and rural lands. In particular, heavy grazing impacts on other native species that live in these ecosystems, some of which are endangered, and on the kangaroos themselves in times of drought.

“Because the kangaroos are no longer kept in check by predators, such as dingoes and human hunting, we need to manage the kangaroo population.

“The plan sets out the background research and the policy, social and environmental context for maintaining kangaroo populations at the levels required to achieve conservation objectives in nature reserves and maintain economic viability of rural leases.

“The management approach is similar to the 2010 Kangaroo Management Plan, which has been guiding kangaroo management decisions in the ACT for many years, but focuses only on the Eastern Grey Kangaroo. The plan documents recent research and includes updates on current codes of practice. Unlike the current plan, this plan will be a statutory document,” Dr Lane said.  

The plan was released for public comment in February and March this year and attracted 47 submissions.

“Following consultation, we provided more detail on the provisions relating to fencing, animal welfare and auditing of culls in the plan. We have also added that other factors can also influence grassy ecosystems,” Dr Lane said.

“This plan ensures kangaroo management in the ACT continues to be based on best practice and the best available science. It has been informed by international, national and local research, including recent local scientific studies showing the impact of kangaroos on the environment.”

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