Government salary offer to ACT teachers

Released 29/04/2015

Education and Training Directorate Director-General Diane Joseph has today formally issued a salary offer to ACT teachers as part of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

ACT teachers have been offered a 12 per cent pay rise over four years. The pay rise will allow more than half of the ACT’s teaching workforce to be earning $100,000 or more by the end of the agreement, including additional financial rewards for teachers who achieve certification at the Highly Accomplished Teacher and Lead Teacher standards. 

The offer also includes a minimum of 20 hours per year reduction of workload for every teacher in the ACT public system.
Teachers report workload as a key issue in the workplace and this offer takes deliberate steps to reduce the administrative burden on teachers so they can focus on their core role with students.
“With this offer the ACT Government has sent a clear signal that it has listened to and values its teachers,” Ms Joseph said.
“The Government is taking the initiative to clearly articulate its commitment to the core role of teachers – that is teaching students. Through this offer there will be clear guidance on tasks that are expected of teachers, tasks that require limited teacher involvement and tasks that do not require teacher attention,” said Ms Joseph.  

The Government proposes to support every teacher to focus on their core role of teaching students by finding a minimum of 20 hours workload reduction for every teacher.  

“This will be achieved, in part, by identifying a teacher’s core role, monitoring workload and making time during normal hours for quality professional learning focused on teacher practice in the classroom. 

“The Government believes that professional learning is the key to providing students with the nation’s best educators,” Ms Joseph concluded. 

The Government proposes that for many teachers, the reduction in red tape will be greater than the 
20 hours proposed. 

The offer was officially made to ACT public teachers by the Education and Training Directorate today. 
The Government looks forward to due consideration of this offer and in-principle agreement by 
15 May 2015. 

Details are available from the Directorate website:

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