Independent panel report released for Foy Hume facility

Released 04/05/2017

Following 60 days of review into the Foy proposed waste plastic to liquid fuel facility in Hume, the independent inquiry panel today released its findings.

In late January 2017, the independent panel was established to review the Foy proposal and report findings back to the ACT Government. The Foy Group’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was thoroughly assessed by panel members Craig Lamberton and Dr Stephen Christley.

“I am pleased to release this report today outlining a full review of the EIS submitted by Foy,” Minister Gentleman said.

“In summary, the report finds that the EIS and supplementary material provided by Foy does not adequately address key risks associated with the proposed project. While the report is intended to provide advice on the adequacy of the EIS, the chief planning executive has advised me that the planning and land authority would be extremely unlikely to approve a Development Application that relied on this EIS in view of the findings.

“Some of the key deficiencies identified in the panel report are in relation to the risk of fire and explosion and the impact on the surrounding business areas, feedstock specifications and air emissions. The panel has highlighted the high level of risk associated with a project of this nature and recommended that, even if all of the identified issues were addressed, the approval authorities would still need to see the outcome of a fully operational pilot project before approving a full-scale facility.

The panel has also recommended that Worksafe consider whether the facility should be considered a ‘Major Hazard Facility’.  On the basis of the high level of risk, the panel expressed concern that the proposal would limit the range of uses on surrounding land in Hume.

Minister Gentleman said following the independent inquiry panel’s report to the government, the Foy Group would need to consider all matters raised in the panel’s report and make a decision about whether it wished to pursue this project any further in the ACT.

“I am confident all issues were thoroughly considered by Mr Lamberton and Dr Christley and the process was followed, which has resulted in a comprehensive assessment of the proposed waste plastic to liquid fuel facility, and a great outcome for the community. On behalf of the Canberra community, I thank them for their work,” Minister Gentleman said.

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