Billboard rules to be reviewed for ACT

Released 22/02/2018

The ACT Government response to the recent inquiry into billboards, to be tabled today, will see a review undertaken to look at billboard use including an overview of the regulatory settings and the rules around outdoor advertising across Canberra.

Minister for Planning and Land Management Mick Gentleman acknowledged that there was strong feeling about this issue across the Canberra community and that this review will be focused on regulatory inconsistencies and working out a clear way forward.

“There has been significant input into the committee’s inquiry into this issue, and I thank the community for their interest. The ACT Government accepts the recommendation of the committee to conduct a review of these rules and regulations,” Minister Gentleman said.

“It is clear that there is no appetite from the community - or from the ACT Government - for Canberra to become Times Square. However it is also clear that the current regulatory settings for billboards and outdoor advertising signage in the ACT are overly complex, they have been for a long time and are in need of review.

“There is already outdoor advertising in Canberra that some might describe as billboards, so we definitely need to make the rules clearer. We also need some sensible regulation around digital and moveable advertising.”

As it stands, responsibility for billboards and outdoor signage in the ACT is handled between two different tiers of government.

“Dependent on the specific location, the responsibility for signage policies and development approvals rests with the ACT Government or the NCA under the operation of the Territory Plan and the National Capital Plan, respectively,” Minister Gentleman said.

“This review will consider a coordinated approach between the ACT and Federal Government where possible, as well as incorporating a number of recommendations required to reform and clarify regulations for outdoor advertising signage and billboards.”

In the ACT, regulation of outdoor advertising signage is considered in terms of public safety, planning requirements and visual impact.

Billboards are not currently a permitted form of signage in the ACT. It is timely to be reviewing signage policies in the ACT to ensure we have a consistent approach for the future.

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