Future looks bright for Woden with variation approved

Released 14/08/2018

Woden will see more planning certainty with the approved Variation 344 to the Territory Plan being tabled in the Legislative Assembly today.

These planning changes for the Woden precinct and surrounds clarifies zoning and sets the rules around open space, improved pedestrian access, and building heights and setbacks appropriate for the existing town centre layout.

Woden has been a hub of activity with a number of government projects recently completed, currently under way or in planning stages, including the upgrade of the Phillip Oval, the Woden Park redevelopment, construction of the Melrose Football Precinct, ongoing design of new and upgrading of existing active travel paths and upgrades to intersections. There are also numerous private developments under way or planned, and in addition, stage 2 of light rail will travel directly to the heart of the Woden town centre.

The ACT Healthy Waterways Project water quality improvement projects have also progressed, including a new pond along Athllon Drive north of Mawson and a rain garden in Curtin, as well as the development of a new bus depot, and relocation of ACT Government staff to Woden.

With this variation to the Territory Plan, future redevelopment will see walking and active travel encouraged, and public spaces as well as thoroughfares will be more attractive, particularly with the future arrival of light rail.

The broad scale renewal of the town centre was one of the drivers of the Woden Master Plan process from 2015. The master plan identifies many opportunities for capitalising on the town centre as a metropolitan hub. Variation 344 introduces building height controls for the town centre as well as requiring new development to provide improved pedestrian experiences along main pedestrian areas as the rejuvenation of the town centre gets under way.

The ACT Government’s vision is to make the centre more accessible, with improvements to the street and open space networks, community facilities, as well as more housing choices to bring new people and businesses into the centre to support its role as a place to work, shop, live and play.

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