Protecting and growing ACT woodlands

Released 12/11/2019

A new strategy will make it easier for land managers and Parkcare volunteers to protect and manage the ACT’s exceptional woodlands areas.

The ACT Native Woodland Conservation Strategy will guide the protection, restoration and management of our precious lowland and subalpine woodlands for the next 10 years.

Protecting and improving the conditions of woodland habitats is vital to the ACT’s native wildlife including the critically endangered superb parrot and vulnerable little eagles.

Many cultural sites important to Traditional Custodians are also located in woodlands, and we know Canberrans value woodland areas for recreation, exercise and wellbeing.

We are committed to preserving and improving what you love most about the bush capital, unlike the Canberra Liberals who have vowed to bulldoze forests for costly urban sprawl.

About 70% of ACT’s 79,000 hectares of woodlands are managed and protected by the ACT Parks and Conservation Service and community groups in ACT reserves.

The Strategy identifies how the ACT Government will manage threats, work with the community, safeguard threatened species, enhance resilience and connectivity and undertake monitoring and research.

The new strategy replaces the current Lowland Woodland Conservation Strategy, which guided significant progress in the protection, restoration and management of woodlands since 2004.

The Strategy and actions plans for threatened species are available at:

Protecting and Connecting Box-Gum Woodlands

The five-year Protecting and Connecting Box-Gum Woodlands in the ACT project will complement our new woodlands strategy.

It will help land managers to improve woodlands with more revegetation, pest and weed control, fencing and strategic grazing.

Community support and collaboration is vital for protecting our woodland environment.

Collaborations have already begun on several farms across the region to rehabilitate and revegetate paddocks to enhance Box-Gum habitat and connectivity across the ACT .

The $1.5 million project is funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and delivered with help from Greening Australia and the Molonglo Conservation Group.

Information videos of Box-Gum woodlands are available via dropbox.

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