Money laundering and drug syndicates shut down

Released 29/07/2019 - Joint media release

A tattoo business allegedly laundering money from criminal activities has been shut down by ACT Policing in the same fortnight as a record-breaking illicit drug seizure.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Mick Gentleman said the successful operations sent a strong message to criminal gangs.

"ACT Policing will work to shut down your activities and cut off your ill-gotten gains. If you are a member or associate of an organised crime group, you will be targeted by police and likely find yourself in prison," Minister Gentleman said.

"The ACT Government funded two forensic accountants who were instrumental in the business shutdown, along with our broader funding for Task Force Nemesis. We are equipping ACT Policing with the tools and resources they need to combat organised crime.

"I commend the ACT Policing Investigators and Officers who were involved in these operations."
Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay said the shutdown and seizure demonstrated how the ACT's laws helped to disrupt criminal gangs and deprived criminals of the proceeds of crime.

"The Government's thorough legal framework designed to dismantle and tackle organised crime through the confiscation of criminal assets is clearly working," Minister Ramsay said.

"These measures will continue to disrupt organised crime groups by preventing their capacity to invest illegally obtained funds into what appear to be legitimate businesses.

"Our legislation has strengthened public safety in our community and is helping ensure that organised crime groups do not escape justice."

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