Gastroenteritis outbreak related to Enlighten Night Noodle Markets

Released 11/03/2016

ACT Health has today been notified of several cases of food poisoning possibly linked to a market stall at the 2016 Enlighten Night Noodle Markets.

These cases have reported becoming ill with diarrhea approximately 10-13 hours after eating food from a stall at the Festival.

ACT Health Protection Service is confident that there is no ongoing risk to public health from food sold at this stall, and that this outbreak has been controlled.

Environmental Health Officers have today inspected the premises that supplies the food for this stall. Potentially hazardous food found out of temperature control has been disposed of and the stall will not be able to sell the implicated food for the remainder of the Festival.

Environmental Health Officers have conducted routine inspections of the 2016 Enlighten Night Noodle Markets last Friday, Saturday and Wednesday nights and will be conducting further inspections in the coming few days, as the Festival winds to a close.

Anyone who suspects they have food poisoning should stay at home, and should not attend childcare, school and work for 48 hours after diarrhoea or vomiting ceases.

Food poisoning is usually short-lived but can last for a number of days and the symptoms include:

  • headache and fever
  • stomach cramps
  • diarrhoea
  • nausea and vomiting.

The main treatment is frequent and small amounts of water to prevent dehydration. 

Anyone with ongoing concerns with prolonged symptoms (more than a few days) or with symptoms of dehydration should seek medical advice.

Important information about foodborne disease is available on the ACT Health website at:

If you are concerned that you may have gastroenteritis related to this incident contact your doctor or call the Health Protection Service (Communicable Disease Control) on (02) 6205 1700.

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