Novice Motorcycle Reforms Commencing Soon

Released 21/06/2012

Executive Director of the Office of Regulatory Services, Brett Phillips is announcing changes to learner and provisional motorcycle licensing and training, commencing 1 July 2012.

"The pre-provisional training course that has, to date, been optional (except for those riders who failed the pre-provisional assessment) will become compulsory. At the end of this training course, riders will still need to pass the pre-provisional assessment to be issued a provisional rider licence," said Mr Phillips.

The current requirements for obtaining an ACT provisional motorcycle licence require applicants to be at least 17 years of age and complete a minimum three months as a learner rider before being eligible to attempt the provisional rider assessment.

"ACT novice rider arrangements were reviewed through 2010-11, and the arrangements being implemented from 1 July are as a result of the review," Mr Phillips said.

"Pre-learner and pre-provisional rider courses will align with those in NSW, providing consistency of training across the border and allowing rider training providers to deliver training to prospective NSW and ACT riders at the same time.

"Learner rider licences will now only be valid for one year rather than two years, with the licence fee being reduced accordingly.

"Similarly, certificates of competency will be reduced from 3 months to 1 month and riders will need to ensure they have their licence issued or re-issued within this timeframe.

"Riders who have already been issued with a two year learner rider licence will be allowed to continue riding until the expiry date on their learner licence.

"These reforms are aimed at improving rider safety, and encouraging those riders who wish to get a licence to progress to the next stage of their riding. Unlike car drivers, riders do their on-road learning without the accompaniment of an experienced rider, so reducing the learner rider periods reduces the time that a rider has to develop poor habits.

"These changes to rider training and licensing will benefit riders and other road users by streamlining the transition from learner riders to experienced riders. I trust that the changes will contribute to safer roads and a safer community for all," concluded Mr Phillips.

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