Released 24/12/2013

ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) Chief Officer, Mr Tony Graham has congratulated a group of walkers on completing their unique trek around the ACT border.

"To celebrate the Canberra Centenary a group of four walkers circled the ACT over 18 days between October and December this year," ACTSES Chief Officer Tony Graham said.

"The walkers originally planned to complete the 306 kilometre trek around the border of the Territory over 19 consecutive days," he said.

"Each of the walkers spoke of the rich and rewarding diversity of our border, from the mountain ash and snow gums of the Brindabella Range, to the farmland on the straight line northern border to the railway corridor to our east. They also enjoyed locating many of the border markers laid down by the original surveyors of the Territory boundary one hundred years ago, and visited mountain huts and shelters near Mt Gingera, Mt Franklin, Bull's Head and on the Settler's Track to our south.

"Two years of planning prepared the group for many of the challenges they faced out there, but it was always going to be difficult catering for changeable weather.

"From Mt Aggie high on the Territory's western border the walkers could clearly see snow on the main range towards Mt Kosciusko to the south, but it was eventually a bushfire (near Coronet Peak) and a total fire ban on 10 October, 2013 that interrupted the planned itinerary.

"Unfortunately one participant also suffered a minor injury, but the walkers join me in thanking our SES logistics support crew for ensuring that the expedition could still be completed with a series of weekend walks in this centenary year.

"As expected the most challenging sections of the adventure were in the 'corners' of the Territory, at Mt Coree in the north west, and over Mt Scabby and Mt Kelly near the source of the Cotter River in the south west.

"The longest stretch completed in one day was 38km along the fire trails around Kowen Forest from Molonglo Gorge to Sutton Road, while the hostile terrain meant that less than 6km could be covered over Blue Range near Mt Coree.

"There are not many people who can lay claim to having travelled every inch of our border with NSW in the last hundred years, so I am glad the ACTSES has been able to support this marvellous achievement and ensure the safe return of these four fit bushwalkers. "

The four walkers, David McGill, Karen Tindall, Lisa Padzensky and Stephen Goggs began the trek on 2 October, 2013 and completed the journey on 9 December, 2013.

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