A brighter future for Canberra's streetlight network

Released 24/11/2017

Canberra’s streetlight network will become more efficient, reliable and smart under a new contract with preferred tenderer Electrix for the upgrade of the ACT’s streetlight network. Electrix is a leading provider in streetlight maintenance.

“I’m pleased to announce that Canberra’s streetlight network has a bright future, with a new contract for the management of our 79,000 streetlights now being finalised. The government sought three key outcomes from this tender: keeping the lights on, getting energy efficient and contributing to Canberra being a smart city. We are pleased to say this contract delivers on all three,” said Minister for Transport and City Services Meegan Fitzharris.

“This management contract will ensure broken lamps are replaced within two days instead of the current ten days, and it will vastly improve the energy efficiency of the network.

“A significant proportion of the ACT’s streetlights will be upgraded as part of this new contract, delivering new LED lamps to streetlights in areas that currently have the oldest and most inefficient incandescent light bulbs. A large focus will be on key arterial roads, which will improve driver safety by enhancing line markings and other road features.

“New LED lamps will also improve the energy efficiency of public lighting in Canberra, which is a key strategic action for the ACT Government, and will contribute towards improving energy and carbon efficiency by 20 per cent by 2020. It will also support our move towards zero net emissions. By the end of this contract the energy consumption of streetlights will be 40 per cent less, which is a great result for a network that currently accounts for 25 per cent of the ACT Government’s electricity use.

“A new digital control maintenance management system will also be delivered as part of the upgrade. Digital control management systems can offer real time monitoring of the network and automatically detect faults such as lamp failures or cable problems. This will allow us to fix any fault or outage much sooner and mean fewer problems need to be reported by the public,” said Minister Fitzharris.

Contract negotiations have begun on a seven year partnership with Electrix and the ACT Government to deliver a total solution for the maintenance, upgrade and power supply of the ACT streetlight network. Contract negotiations are expected to be finalised by early 2018.

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