ACT Health System-wide Data Review report released: reform ahead

Released 21/08/2018

ACT Health has started reforming its data systems and is on track to become a leader in best practice data management and reporting, with the release of the ACT Health System-wide Data Review today.

In tabling the final Outcomes Report in the ACT Legislative Assembly, along with the Government’s Response and the Review’s Implementation Plan, the Minister for Health and Wellbeing Meegan Fitzharris said the ACT Government agreed to all findings and recommendations, and is now implementing the required changes.

“I’m really pleased to release the results of the System-Wide Data Review today, which is a culmination of more than a year’s work, expert analysis and extensive consultation with staff.

“As Minister for Health and Wellbeing I called this Review because data reporting and management is integral to running an informed hospital and health care system that is accountable, transparent and responsive.

“This final report outlines nine key recommendations, the independent root cause analysis findings and a roadmap of key future activities.

“The Review has given ACT Health a granular examination of what is needed to address the shortfalls in data reporting and collection and a clear path ahead to become the jurisdiction to watch when it comes to best practice data management,” said Minister Fitzharris.

Over the past year, significant work has been undertaken to improve processes and management of ACT Health data, setting the foundations for implementing the Review’s findings.

“The way forward is now very clear and there is still considerable work ahead for ACT Health to drive these changes in a planned and systematic way.

“Right now, implementation is a top priority, to meet the nine core recommendations from the Review.”

The Review recommendations are:

  1. Build a new data repository that becomes a single source of truth;
  2. Embed governance structures to establish clarity around data categories, ownership, decisions and accountabilities;
  3. Routinely review data quality and identify any gaps in data collection;
  4. Create user-friendly data documents to ensure interpretation is accurate;
  5. Maintain security and privacy through training on access rights, obligations, legislative requirements and protocols;
  6. Improve workforce capabilities and skill sets for collecting, maintaining and releasing data;
  7. Regularly educate, remind and reinforce issues about data management through targeted communications;
  8. Ensure staff are proactive and responsive to changes in business requirements, systems and policies by creating a change request register; and
  9. Deliver timely information to maximise data for policy development, services provided and to better inform performance, quality and safety of the care provided by ACT Health.

Minister Fitzharris said the Implementation Plan starts rolling out this year, with an update every six months outlining progress against each project and detailing the next set of projects ahead.

“The outcomes from the Review will enable meaningful change that will benefit our patients, clinicians, workforce, research, training, and administrators.

“One of the immediate priorities for ACT Health will be to identify and report relevant health information to improve access to data online and help Canberrans be more in control of their own health care.

“This will include access to useful and up-to-date information through user friendly web portals, such as average Emergency Department waiting times, the number of patients actually waiting, and the number of patients receiving treatment.

“In addition, the 2015-16 data that couldn’t be provided to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare previously for the Report on Government Services (ROGS) will be provided next year.

“As part of our further commitments to improving our data reporting, the rollout of quarterly performance reports will re-commence with the July-September 2018 quarter being made available at the end of October this year.

“I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant work that has been undertaken on this matter, which demonstrates ACT Health’s commitment and determination to make system-wide changes for the benefit of the community.

“I also want to thank the members of the Review Panel for their guidance and support to ACT Health throughout the Review,” Minister Fitzharris concluded.

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