Migrant Work Experience Program graduates celebrate success

Released 08/06/2012

This afternoon, 25 participants of the ACT Government’s Work Experience and Support Program (WESP) completed their 12 week program and celebrated with a graduation ceremony at the Legislative Assembly.

It was great to meet the participants who have worked hard through the past three months to develop an understanding of ACT Government workplace culture, gain work experience locally and improve their vocational skills.

The number of WESP participants in this round has increased from 20 to 25 as part of the election commitment to provide more workforce participation assistance to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers settling in the ACT.

This round had participants from 13 different nations. This reflects the diverse and vibrant multicultural community that is Canberra. Among the graduates, four participants identify as being from a refugee background.

Many participants have achieved qualifications and brought years of work experience from their home countries. However, we know that migrants often struggle to find employment here because they have no ‘local experience’. This program helps address that.

I congratulate each and every one of the participants for what they have achieved through the Work Experience and Support Program.

Comments attributable to Hiran Rupasinghe, who migrated from Sri Lanka in 2015 with 13 years’ experience in banking:

“I wanted to contribute my experience and skills to Australia and I was lucky enough to do this wonderful program to learn and upskill myself to fit into the Australian workforce.”

“After four weeks at CIT we were placed in different ACT Government Directorates for eight weeks to gain practical knowledge and work experience. I’ve had the opportunity to learn and refresh my knowledge in very useful subjects designed in the course.”

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