ACT and cities lead global climate action

Released 02/12/2016

Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury has welcomed the release of the Compact of States and Regions Disclosure Report which shows the leading role the ACT is playing in taking strong climate action.

“The report released today shows how far the ACT has come, even in the last 6 months. The ACT won the Best Renewable Target award for our work before and during 2015. This new report shows that we have shown even greater leadership since then, bringing the carbon neutral target forward a decade to 2050 and committing to 100% renewable electricity by 2020,” said Minister Rattenbury.

“On Monday I was proud to accept the Carbon Disclosure Project’s award for Best Renewable Target.  I hope that the pioneering work the ACT has done will be taken up and mirrored by other cities and jurisdictions across the country and the world.

“This report confirms what I saw at the United Nations conference on climate change in Marrakech, Morocco – it is cities who are taking on climate change and leading the renewable energy charge, even when their federal governments are dragging their heels.

“I am also proud that the ACT Government is leading by example. As the report highlights, we have committed to make all government operations carbon neutral by 2020 – one of the most ambitious goals for governments in the world.

“The ‘Davids’ are showing the ‘Goliaths’ how it is done. We cannot, and will not, wait for the Prime Minister of Australia, or the President of the United States to decide that the long term interests of our communities are more important that the interests of the coal lobby. Instead, cities like Canberra are taking action now,” concluded Minister Rattenbury.

Summary of report:

  • The Compact of States and Regions Disclosure Report: 2016 Edition highlights the work of cities, states, provinces and regions to respond to the  Paris Agreement and take action on climate change.
  • The Compact of States and Regions brings together 62 states, provinces and regions from around the world, representing over 440 million citizens and 17% of the global economy.
  • The report highlights the leadership the ACT is showing with our 100 percent renewable electricity target, and ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2020 and carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • The ACT won the best renewable energy target by a city at the CDP awards on Monday 28 November 2016. This award was based on 2015 data , this new report show how the ACT has progressed in the last 6 months, including bringing the carbon neutral target forward a decade to 2050 and committing to 100% renewable electricity by 2020

View report here.

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