More energy efficiency options for Canberrans

Released 25/07/2017

Today Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability, Shane Rattenbury, announced that new appliances and activities will be included under the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme to make it easier for Canberrans to reduce their energy consumption. 

“Reducing your energy consumption - particularly in the very hot months of Summer and very cold months of Winter – can help reduce your household bills while also taking action on global warming,” said Minister Rattenbury.

“Energy retailers will now be able to provide new, energy efficient options to ACT households, including new space heating and cooling, and water heating at a discounted rate.

“The new space heating and cooling systems could save householders between $16,000 and $26,000, over an average 13 year product lifetime, compared with an older, inefficient central ducted gas heating system. These same upgrades will reduce lifetime pollution by between 50 and 117 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

“Households will also be able to save between $3,000 and $7,000 over the 15 year product lifetime by replacing an old electric resistance water heater with an electric boosted solar hot water system, or a heat pump hot water system.

“Making our households more efficient is an important part of reaching our target of 100% renewable electricity by 2020, and becoming a net zero greenhouse gas emissions jurisdiction by 2050.

“As part of our plan to take strong action on global warming, all retailers able to sell electricity in the ACT contribute towards energy savings in the territory.  Up until now, most of the focus has been on helping households improve their energy efficiency through LED light globe replacements, standby power controllers and draught seals. 

“Now, we are expanding the current range of heat pump systems and reverse cycle air conditioners technologies supported by the program through additional space heating and cooling, and water heating activities.

“ActewAGL has already started rolling out some of the new EEIS efficient heating activities by offering discounts for households wanting to upgrade old, inefficient ducted gas systems, to high efficiency systems.

“The EEIS-supported discount is $3,000 to lower income priority households, and $2,000 for other households.” 

The new efficient systems will also save up to $650 per year in running costs, and additional savings through the ducting upgrades. Call ActewAGL Energy Shop on 6280 0884 for a quote or go to their website for more information: 

“These new activities build on the current EEIS program which has installed over one million energy efficient items into over 75,000 homes, including over 19,000 low income households,” Minister Rattenbury said.

Actsmart will continue to offer free advice and information to all ACT residents on how to save money and reduce pollution through the Actsmart Sustainable Home Advice, Household Energy Efficiency Workshops and Low Income Energy Efficiency programs.

To get involved, visit, call 1300 141 777, submit an online form or email

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