ACT the first jurisdiction outside of EU to achieve 100% renewable electricity

Released 18/09/2019 - Joint media release

The ACT will be the first jurisdiction outside of Europe to achieve 100% renewable electricity.

A new report from The Australia Institute report finds that:

  • the ACT is set to become the first major jurisdiction (population 100,000+) outside Europe, to achieve this transition
  • Globally, just seven other jurisdictions with populations over 100,000 have transitioned to 100% renewable electricity
  • While there are some jurisdictions who have achieved 100% renewable energy based on historic investment in hydroelectricity, the ACT will join a select few to have made the transition from a fossil fuel-dominated energy system
  • A further four jurisdictions (in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Uganda) also expect to transition to 100% renewable electricity during 2020.

In the report, the Australia Institute note that "the ACT shows how substantial progress can be made when a government is willing to exercise leadership, formulate smart policy and communicate it effectively to its constituents."

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said that the transition to 100% renewable energy is an achievement that highlights the Territory's standing as the national leader in action against climate change.

"Despite the tedious inaction and political posturing at the Federal level on renewable energy investment, the ACT Government has demonstrated what is possible with smart planning and investments in sustainable energy sources," Chief Minister Barr said.

"Reaching our 100% renewable energy target is a significant moment, but more needs to be done and I can guarantee to Canberrans that this Government will continue to investment more to protect our natural environment and reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy sources."

"Canberrans have been clear - they want to us to act in the interests of people and planet," Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury said today.

"The ACT is recognised as a global leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and has some of the most ambitious emission reduction targets of any jurisdiction in the world."

"Through our world-leading transition to 100% renewable electricity we have demonstrated that our bold leadership can create opportunities for our region, in business development, training and education. Aside from delivering clean, green sources of electricity, our 100% renewable electricity target has attracted more than $500 million over 20 years in low carbon investment in the ACT."

"Like so many other Australians, Canberrans are already making the switch to clean energy. We’re taking advantage of the fact that renewables are already driving down power prices. We’re acting now to deliver a long-term vision for our city so that we make an orderly transition away from an inevitable carbon-restricted future."

"We're so far ahead of the Federal Government when it comes to the clean energy revolution—even though they’ll soon be working in a Parliament that’s powered by 100% renewable electricity. Their local counterparts in the Canberra Liberals also have no plan for climate action. While they dither and the planet burns, the ACT is getting on with the job."

The Australia Institute's recent Climate of Nation Report surveyed 1,960 Australians and found over two thirds (69%) agree that State and Territory Governments should be putting in place incentives for more renewable energy.

The report comes days after the ACT Government announced its next major tranche of climate action, and news of a reverse auction that will deliver large-scale battery storage right here in the ACT.

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