Knitted 35 metre scarf to warm Arboretum trees this winter

Released 04/07/2014

The Friends of the National Arboretum Canberra have just received a 35 metre long knitted scarf donated for use in the Warm Trees display at the Arboretum this year.

Executive Manager, National Arboretum Canberra, Stephen Alegria, said the scarf will make a great addition to the display, and that there are still plenty of opportunities for the public to get involved in the program.

"Warm Trees is a chance to learn to knit, or if you already knit, you can sit with other knitters and help create colourful scarves to decorate trees across the Arboretum," Mr Alegria said.

"The Friends are holding knitting sessions 10 am to 2 pm every day from Saturday 5 July to Sunday 13 July 2014 at the Village Centre. This free program is suitable for all ages. This social winter program involves the combined efforts of hundreds of volunteers of all ages who make scarves for a fantastic display at the Arboretum.

"Anyone can drop in and join our volunteers to help contribute to the mountain of colourful knitted pieces that will be wrapped around the trees. This is another great example of how the Friends play such a vital part in making the Arboretum a great attraction for ACT residents and visitors."

Chair of the Friends of the Arboretum Jocelyn Plovits said last year's volunteers included contributions from families, knitters in an aged care facility and the work of many individuals from the Canberra community and around Australia.

"The 35 metre scarf will be in the mystery major design feature for the display. It will be one of many special scarves being prepared by dedicated knitters," Ms Plovits said.

"Contributions are arriving from all over Australia as well as from the very active knitting community in our region. Warm Trees has really taken off and it is a pleasure to be collaborating with so many creative people, and with the Arboretum, to present their work.

"This year the Friends are particularly encouraging school children to send in scarves in their school colours. The main goal of Warm Trees is to encourage people to visit the Arboretum and explore the forests, even in the winter time. If you can't make it to a session you can still help by donating knitted scarves. The scarves should be 25 centimetres wide and at least one metre long, in bright colours."

You can drop your knitting into the gift shop at the Village Centre by Tuesday 15 July 2014 so it can be installed ready for Schools' National Tree Day on Friday 25 July 2014. The exhibit will stay up until 31 August 2014. For more information email, call 0406 376 711 or visit

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