Gender equity – success stories worth sharing

Released 12/02/2018

I was pleased to join with local Canberrans today to open the gender equity forum, Sharing Stories of Success, hosted by the ACT Government and the Ministerial Advisory Council on Women, at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre.

Sharing Stories of Success will offer inspirational stories and practical solutions that have had positive outcomes in our community and it is hoped, will continue to spark new momentum across government and the community to keep working on strategies in their own spheres of work and life.

This is the second in a series of bi-annual forums to be co-hosted by the community sector and ACT Government under the ACT Government’s Women’s Plan 2016-26. This ambitious ten-year plan provides a pathway for positive change for women and girls and aims to secure and maintain gender equity in our community.

The first forum held last year set a scene for change. It highlighted the necessity to continue advocating for and furthering the rights of women and girls to be treated with respect and fairness. The forums that follow maintain the momentum of this change- they keep the discussion alive and continue to provide opportunities for leaders to share ways to individually and collectively progress gender equity.

Real change takes innovation and creativity, collaboration and a great deal of effort.  If we don’t keep learning and working together on new strategies for real change, we risk going backwards on some of the great achievements of the past.

I am looking forward to continuing the discussion today and learning from the stories shared in the forum.  I am also keen to hear how we might apply those experiences across government and the community.

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