ACT hosts perpetrator intervention forum

Released 29/08/2019

The ACT Government is today hosting a forum to discuss best-practice approaches to working with perpetrators of domestic and family violence.

Contemporary research highlights that effective engagement with perpetrators leads to increased safety for women, children and men who are harmed by domestic and family violence.

Today’s forum will provide a unique opportunity to consider this evidence and discuss opportunities for more effective perpetrator interventions in the ACT.

The forum will be led by an expert panel of key authorities on evidence-based approaches to intervening with perpetrators. Panellists include:

  • Mr Rodney Vlais: Policy advisor, trainer and change agent in family violence perpetrator interventions
  • Mr Damian Green: CEO from ‘Stopping Family Violence’
  • Ms Jacqui Watt: CEO of ‘No to Violence’
  • Representatives from Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services who are leading their innovative perpetrator intervention trials

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Yvette Berry said “Ending Domestic and Family Violence is all of our business. The ACT Government remains committed to tackling domestic and family violence in partnership with the community. Having these conversations, exploring different approaches, and delivering effective, evidence-based interventions are critical in working towards a safer community”.

The forum is a collaboration between the Office of the Coordinator General for Family Safety, Ms Jo Wood, and the Victims of Crime Commissioner, Ms Heidi Yates.

Victims of Crime Commissioner, Heidi Yates said “We know that improving the safety of Canberrans harmed by family violence means finding more effective ways to engage with perpetrators. Many victims of family violence don’t want to lose their partners, they want the violence to stop. Today’s forum is about looking at the evidence to better understand what kinds of services and interventions could work here in the Territory”.

Coordinator General for Family Safety, Jo Wood said “Holding family violence perpetrators to account has to be a whole of community responsibility. Today’s forum will bring together stakeholders across Government and the community to identify how we can work together to better identify and address violent behaviour with the goal of improving family safety.”

To support this work, the Coordinator General for Family Safety and the Victims of Crime Commissioner are also hosting a Frontline Response Workshop for ACT practitioners on Wednesday 28 August. The workshop, facilitated by Mr Rodney Vlais, will equip participants with the foundational knowledge and skills required to effectively and safely engage with clients who use domestic or family violence.

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