3 December 2018

Cabinet decision summary for the week of 3 December 2018

Cabinet date: Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Station Upgrade and Relocation Program – City Station Due Diligence and Forward Design

Minute number:  18/570/CAB

Cabinet agreed to revised station upgrade and relocation program priorities and activities including the establishment of a city station for ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire & Rescue before 2026.

Strengthening bushfire-related construction requirements for residential dwellings in the Bushfire Prone Area

Minute number:  18/480/CAB

Cabinet agreed to apply bushfire-related construction requirements to all residential dwellings in the bushfire prone area, including dwellings on the urban fringe which are not currently subject to these requirements.

ACT Agenda Item for the National Security Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Meeting

Minute number:  18/707/CAB
Cabinet agreed to the ACT sponsoring an agenda item for the National Security Council of Australian Government’s meeting on 12 December 2018.

Bilateral Agreement between the ACT and the Commonwealth on Quality School Reform

Minute number:  18/692/CAB

Cabinet agreed the Chief Minister and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development sign the National Schools Reform Agreement on behalf of the ACT.

ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan 2018-21

Minute number:  18/593/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the ACT Drug Strategy Action Plan 2018-2021: A Plan to Minimise Harms from Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use.

Fisheries Act 2000 – Consultation Report and Proposed Amendments

Minute number:  18/498/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the public release of a consultation report and to the drafting of proposed amendments to the Fisheries Act 2000.

Direct Sale of Land to Canberra Hindu Mandir Incorporated

Minute number:  18/351/CAB

Cabinet agreed for a direct sale to be eligible to the Canberra Hindu Mandir incorporated.


Cabinet endorsed the below appointment.

  • ACT Remuneration Tribunal – Chair appointment (Minute number 18/645/CAB)

Under the requirements of the ACT Government Cabinet Handbook, Triple Bottom Line Assessments are not required for appointments.