8 April 2019

Cabinet decision summary for the week of 8 April 2019

Cabinet date: Thursday, 11 April 2019

Chief Minister’s Statement on public accessibility of government information

Minute number:  19/098/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the 2019 Chief Minister’s Statement on accessibility of government information. The statement addresses the government’s expectations of agencies for the provision of government information.

Minimum age for participation in combat sports

Minute number:  18/644/CAB

Cabinet agreed to a consultation plan for targeted industry consultation on establishing a minimum age for participation in combat sports under the Controlled Sports Bill 2018.

Canberra Hospital Foundation New Legal Structure

Minute number:  18/589/CAB

Cabinet agreed to adopt a new legal structure for the Canberra Hospital Foundation.

Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing – Work Plan

Minute number:  19/089/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing Work Plan.

Amendment of the Pest Plants and Animals (Pest Animals) Declaration – Release of Discussion Paper

Minute number:  18/709/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the release of a discussion paper that provides a rationale and summary of the amendments and transitional arrangements for declaration.

Proposed consultation on review of the Exempt Animals List

Minute number:  18/544/CAB

Cabinet agreed to the release of an Information Paper on changes to licence requirements for keeping non-native birds.


Cabinet endorsed the below appointments.

  • Canberra Region Medical Education Council (Minute number 19/184/CAB)
  • Legal Aid Commission Board Appointments (Minute number 19/206/CAB)
  • Public Sector Workers Compensation Fund Advisory Committee (Minute number 19/120/CAB)

Under the requirements of the ACT Government Cabinet Handbook, Triple Bottom Line Assessments are not required for appointments.