Week commencing 9 December 2013 - Summary of Cabinet Outcomes

As part of the ACT Government’s Open Government commitment, this document is a public summary of matters considered by Cabinet. It is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by Cabinet. Among the matters not covered are materials considered in the formation of the ACT budget, commercial and industrial matters under negotiation as well as matters that would impact personal privacy, security and the ACT economy. Nothing in this document can be considered a waiver of the Government’s executive privilege.

Week commencing 9 December 2013 - Summary of Cabinet Outcomes [PDF PDF 640.9KB]

Committees of Cabinet

Budget Committee

Meetings of the Budget Committee of Cabinet were convened.  Treasury officials and Directors General joined with Ministers to discuss matters of economic and fiscal significance.

Security and Emergency Management Committee

A meeting of the Security and Emergency Management Committee was held.  Officials briefed Ministers on security and emergency management issues.

Council of Australian Governments

Cabinet discussed the agenda for the Council of Australian Governments meeting in Canberra on 13 December 2012.  Cabinet considered the ACT’s position in relation to the key issues listed for discussion.

Enterprise Agreements – core terms and conditions

Cabinet agreed to a range of core terms and conditions being reflected within enterprise agreements after extensive negotiations with relevant unions.  Agreements that significantly vary from the agreed core terms and conditions will be considered separately by Cabinet after consultations have occurred with the relevant unions

Nursing and midwifery – core terms and conditions

Cabinet agreed to the provisions of the proposed ACT Public Service Nursing and Midwifery enterprise agreement 2013-2017.  This agreement will now be voted on by nursing and midwifery staff.

Transport Report Card

Cabinet considered the progress of action items developed within Transport for Canberra 2012-2031.  Transport for Canberra provides the basis for the strategic direction of transport in the ACT to the year 2031.  Action item 33 of Transport for Canberra concerns the annual report card.

Healthscope Limited – National Capital Private Hospital

Cabinet agreed to enter into a new sub-lease with Healthscope Ltd for land adjacent to the existing National Capital Private Hospital.  The new sub-lease will allow the National Capital Private Hospital to expand its current services.

The Partnerships Framework

Cabinet agreed to adopt the policy framework for the delivery of highly integrated infrastructure projects in the Territory. This framework is aimed at enabling project delivery, including those projects currently identified as endorsed for Public Private Partnership (PPP) delivery, or as potential PPP projects.


ACT Supreme Court

Cabinet agreed to endorse the appointment of the Hon. Justice Iain JK Ross as a part-time additional judge to the ACT Supreme Court.

Acting Secretary to Cabinet