Week commencing 2 July 2013 - Summary of Cabinet Outcomes

As part of the ACT Government’s Open Government commitment, this document is a public summary of matters considered by Cabinet.  It is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by Cabinet.  Among matters not covered are materials considered in the formation of the ACT budget, commercial and industrial matters under negotiation, as well as matters that would impact personal privacy, security and the ACT economy.  Nothing in this document can be considered a waiver of the Government’s executive privilege.

Week commencing 2 July 2013 - Summary of Cabinet Outcomes [PDF PDF 200KB]

Spring 2013 Legislation Program

Cabinet agreed the Spring 2013 Legislation Program, which details proposed legislation items for introduction during the Spring session of the ACT Legislative Assembly.  The Legislation Calendar will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly during the August 2013 sitting weeks and will be publically available following tabling.

Intergovernmental Agreements Omnibus

Cabinet was updated on the progress of negotiations with the Commonwealth in relation to a number Intergovernmental Agreements. Subject to the outcome of these negotiations, agreements will be published on the Federal Financial Relations website and the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate website

Redevelopment of the Woden Bus Interchange

Cabinet agreed to the lodgement of a Development Application for the Estate Development Plan for the redevelopment of the Woden Bus Interchange. The Estate Development Plan and other documents related to the project are available on the EDD website.

Nature Conservation Amendment Bill 2013

Cabinet agreed legislative amendments be developed to improve clarity and modernise legislation for managing and maintaining biodiversity in the ACT.


Cabinet agreed to endorse the below appointments to the Ministerial Advisory Council on Women:

  • Ms Kathy McFie;
  • Ms Sheryle Moon; and 
  • Ms Penny Rumble

Cabinet agreed to endorse a proposed appointment to the ACTTAB Limited Board, subject to Standing Committee consultation.

Cabinet agreed to endorse proposed appointments to the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, subject to Standing Committee consultation. 

Acting Secretary to Cabinet