Canberra Digital Community Connect

In 2012 the ACT Government was successful in partnering with the Federal Government for a number of inter­related projects associated with the rollout of the NBN. The Canberra Digital Community Connect project was one of these initiatives, enabling us to experiment with interactive community video forums online using the fast broadband available through the NBN.

The original project finished at end of April 2014. Online video events continued under the Digital Canberra umbrella as the “Canberra Live” project which provided some capability to the Canberra community to record, stream and upload events where these events can be made available to a wider audience.

This website ( has now been decommissioned, however other facilities are still available to the community, including at Gungahlin Library which has been equipped with an online video broadcast facility which can be used by community groups, business or government to easily make events available to watch online.