Application for Liquor Licence

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Notification date: 14 February 2018
Legislation: Liquor Act 2010

Public consultation notice

This notice satisfies the public consultation notice requirement of the Liquor Act 2010 and the Liquor Regulation 2010.

FIRETAIL HOLDINGS PTY LTD is required to conduct public consultation for an application lodged with the Commissioner for Fair Trading on 08/02/2018. The application seeks an ON, Restaurant liquor licence for Shop 5, 88-96 Bunda Street CITY ACT 2601 trading as Selli's.

It is proposed that the premises will be open Monday - Sunday between the hours of 7am – 12 Midnight. Liquor will be sold for consumption ON the premises between the hours of 7am – 12 Midnight.

You may make written representations about why the proposed licensed premises may not be suitable for the licence or why any of the following people may not be a suitable person to hold a licence:

  • the applicant;
  • a close associate of the applicant;
  • an influential person for the applicant; or
  • a person who is to have day-to-day control of the business operated under the licence (see Liquor Act 2010, s 35).

For suitability information for a person - see the Liquor Act 2010, s69.
For suitability information for a premises - see the Liquor Act 2010, s78.

Representations may be made to:
The Commissioner for Fair Trading,
Access Canberra,

or email

For further information visit the Access Canberra website at