Assembly Liaison

The Cabinet Office facilitates the passage of government business in the Legislative Assembly.

The website of the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory has more information on the legislature in the Australian Capital Territory.

The Australian Capital Territory Parliamentary Counsel's Office maintains the ACT Legislation Register.

Assembly Business

The Chief Minister,  Treasury and Economic Development Directorate works with all ACT Government agencies to ensure the presentation of legislation, government responses and other government business (including presentation of papers ) in the Assembly.

The Legislative Assembly website provides a record of all business brought by the government.

The Assembly Process Handbook is  a guide for directorate officials and ministerial officers to better understand ACT Legislative Assembly processes.

Guidelines for Officials Participation in Legislative Assembly and other Inquiries

These guidelines apply primarily to officials required to prepare submissions and give oral evidence to ACT Legislative Assembly committees.

Guidelines for Responding to performance audit reports by the Auditor-General

The government has recently conducted a review of its processes for responding to audit reports by the Auditor-General.

The Guidelines have been updated to reflect the outcomes of this review, including associated changes to the Auditor-General Act 1996 and the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly.

For further information or advice, please contact the Government Business and Coordination unit.

ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

Ministerial Code of Conduct

The Ministerial Code of Conduct is a key document for Ministers to know and understand. It outlines the: responsibilities and conduct expected of Ministers under legislation, Westminster Conventions and ethical principles for Ministers to uphold.