Community Consultation

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Community Consultation

The community consultation phase is concluded.

The six-week community consultation phase came to a close on 29 June 2015. 

We received over 60 written submissions and 2,000 responses to surveys.  The release of non-confidential formal submissions and summarised survey results is subject to Government determination.

We are very thankful to the community for its contribution of insights to the review.


We have had the following non-confidential written submissions

  1. Australian Taxi Federation
  2. Canberra Airport
  3. Queensland United Hire Drivers Association (QUHDA)
  4. Sikh Taxi Drivers Association (STDAC) of the ACT
  5. Australian Taxi Drivers Association (ATDA)
  6. Uber Australia
  7. Canberra Taxi Industry Association (CTIA)
  8. Cabfare
  9. Insurance Council of Australia (ICA)
  10. Aerial Capital Group Limited (ACGL)
  11. Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
  12. Transport Workers’ Union of Australia, NSW Branch (TWU)
  13. Insurance Australia group (IAG)
  14. People with Disabilities ACT (PWD ACT)
  15. Council on the Ageing ACT (COTA ACT)
  16. ACT Council of Social Services (ACTOSS)