Sustainability and TBL

The ACT Government is committed to pursuing sustainability across all of its policies and programs. The ACT’s approach to sustainability is set out in its key policy document, People, Place, Prosperity, which was revised in 2009.

People, Place, Prosperity: the ACT's Sustainability Policy 2009 [PDF PDF 797KB]

Triple Bottom Line Assessment Framework

The TBL Assessment Framework provides a logical framework for identifying and intergrating social, environmental and economic factors into the policy development cycle by ensuring that decisions are informed by assessments of all potential impacts.

Since March 2013 Triple Bottom Line assessments have been a standing requirement for preparing most types of Cabinet submissions.  Climate change impact assessments are integrated into the TBL Assessment Framework.

Triple Bottom Line Assessment Framework  [Word document 2.4MB]
Triple Bottom Line Assessment Framework  [PDF document 1.4MB]

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Framework for Infrastructure

This Framework guides assessment of the vulnerability of the Australian Capital Territory’s infrastructure to climate change.

The Framework aims to formally integrate climate change risk assessment into government decision making and planning. The Framework recognises that infrastructure has a long life span or ‘design life’. It also recognises that climate change assessment, at strategic points in the decision making process, will be vital to the delivery of effective and efficient infrastructure over the coming decades.

The Framework builds on the existing risk management frameworkimg-icn-extlink used by the ACT Government. The frameworks follow the steps described in the Risk Management Standards (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009).

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Framework for Infrastructure [Word document DOC 1.6MB]
Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Framework for Infrastructure [PDF document PDF 396.7KB]

Triple Bottom Line Reporting

An essential step in pursuing sustainability is transparent reporting, and the ACT Government has committed to inculding triple bottom line agency reporting as part of the preparation of annunal reports.