LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council

The ACT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) Ministerial Advisory Council

The ACT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) Ministerial Advisory Council provides advice to the ACT Government and community on issues affecting LGBTIQ persons. The Advisory Council provides practical and strategic advice to support the LGBTIQ community, improve the lives of people who identify as LGBTIQ and promote an inclusive Canberra.

The Council welcomes input on strategic policy issues affecting LGBTIQ persons in the community.

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The ACT Government has welcomed nine new members to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) Ministerial Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council has a key role in maintaining Canberra’s reputation as Australia’s friendliest city for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.

The new members were selected for their expertise and experience in issues faced by the LGBTIQ community and their networks within the community. They are passionate individuals with experience in a wide range of LGBTIQ groups across Canberra and who demonstrate a sound knowledge of the interests and concerns of those in the LGBTIQ community.

The Advisory Council brings together a diverse range of skills, experience and expertise to assist the government to continue to develop and implement policies that are relevant to LGBTIQ persons and the broader community.

The Council has a strong focus on issues such as discrimination, aged care, education, sport and tourism and reports to government through the Chief Minister.

It provides valuable practical and strategic advice to the ACT Government to support the LGBTIQ community, improve the lives of people who identify as LGBTIQ and promote an inclusive Canberra.

Anne-Marie Delahunt (Chair)
Anne-Marie has been a member of the Council since 2014 and was appointed chair in 2016.  During her time on Council, she has been working on Aged care issues, especially diversity training and the review of the Retirement Villages Act.  Anne-Marie is a longterm member of Canberra Qwire, a founding member of Rainbow Refugee Action and of Lyneham Commons, a community food forest in Lyneham.  She is also a member of the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal and has advised Northside Community Services in their development of culturally safe services supporting LGBTIQ volunteers and elders.  Anne-Marie is an accomplished former public servant with more than 20 years senior experience within the federal environment portfolio.

Wayne Herbert (Deputy Chair)
Wayne’s entire career has been focused on assisting people with disability into employment and training. Wayne is currently the Deputy Director of People and Planning at LEAD. His has many years’ experience working within the Disability Employment Services Program (DES). Wayne has also previously worked within the former Disability Employment Network (DEN). Wayne has experience in all aspects of client relations, human resources, and business administration. Wayne has a keen interest in social and employment policy that ensures the talents and expertise of people with disability are recognised in the workforce and community more broadly. Wayne is a strong advocate for people with disability and works to ensure that full participation in both work and community life is realised.

Wayne has a unique insight into the issues facing people with disability as he has lived the last 35 years with Cerebral Palsy  and a proud member of other minority groups knows that small, practical, achievable changes within organisations can and will make lasting long term changes.

Ali Khan

Ali is a former journalist, trained lawyer and communication specialist. He has strong passion in promoting LGBTI+ workplace inclusion having set up LGBTI+ staff networks at various workplaces. Ali also established, in 2017, Australia's only public speaking club which caters specifically for LGBTI+ people and their Allies.

Suzanne Eastman

Suzanne is a feminist, lesbian and longtime activist on Domestic violence and sexual assault issues since the 1980’s.  As a Vocational trainer creating  employment pathways with access to quality training opportunities for all has been a priority. Other activities have included promoting Inclusion for LGBTIQ communities. Suzanne was a Finalist in 2017 for a the COTA Seniors Advocate Award for her work promoting Inclusion for older LGBTIQ community members.

Stephanie Lum

Stephanie moved to Canberra in 2011 to study at the Australian National University. She recently graduated with an Arts/Law degree but just can’t seem to leave. She is a board member of Organisation Intersex International (Australia) and is committed to building a stronger local intersex community in Canberra.

Scott Clouder

Scott migrated to Australia 11 years ago. He is an analyst in the public service and has worked in the health sector and the sports sector. Back in the 1990’s he was on the board of a HIV & AIDS community support organisation in England. He works on the health themes subgroup of the Ministerial Advisory Council and has an interest in transgender and intersex health policy and data collection.

Isabel Mudford

Isabel is an active member of the ACT LGBTI community, having volunteered and worked for a variety of LGB and TI organisations over the last 4 years. She has a particular commitment to advancing the rights of transgender and intersex people. Isabel has worked and volunteered for A Gender Agenda since 2013 and has participated in a number of ANU Queer Department campaigns to ensure the security and well being of transgender and intersex students and staff. She recently completed her honours thesis in Gender, Sexuality and Culture at ANU for which she received the 2016 ANU Gender Institute Prize for honours. In 2017, Isabel has taken a graduate position in the Australian Public Service where she has become involved with the Pride Network.

Lynne O’Brien

Lynne has an extensive history of management and leadership in the arts, events, and the LGBTIQ community in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. Lynne is a life member and recipient of the LGBTIQ Lifetime Achievement Award from Diversity ACT. As a director of New Mardi Gras, Sydney PRIDE, and as a member of the Gay Gaymes bid team, Lynne demonstrates an ongoing commitment to promote and support diversity. She has a Master of Arts Management  and has produced and supported many LGBTIQ events and causes.

Tushara Wickramariyaratne

Through her work as a clinical psychologist, Tushara has experience in various settings including private and public mental health, tertiary settings and aged care. Tushara is interested in improving LGBTIQ Canberrans' access to health and mental health services across the lifespan and across the diverse needs of our communities. She has demonstrated this commitment by improving LGBTIQ inclusiveness within the organisations she has worked in, by providing training, education and supervision to clinicians working in the ACT and through her therapeutic work with individuals.

Simon Copland

Simon is a PhD candidate in sociology at the ANU, a freelance writer and author. His is a columnist with SBS Sexuality and has previously written for The Sydney Star Observer and FUSE Magazine. He is a David Bowie fanatic and big Brumbies fan.

Harley Dennett

Harley is a senior journalist with extensive communications experience is a variety of fields including radio, online media, government agencies and has recently been appointed to the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Harley has been specifically employed as an LGBTIQ-correspondent and has often advocated for LGBTIQ voices to be heard and is an active member of LGBTIQ communities in which he has lived. Harley has a demonstrated background and experience in representing the interests and concerns of LGBTIQ communities.

Christine Healy
Kat Reed


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