Summary Council Outcomes 13 March 2015

Summary of Council Outcomes
Council Meeting 13 March 2015

[This document is a public summary of matters considered by Council. This summary is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by the Council.]

National LGBTI Health Alliance Conference, 13-15 August, Canberra
Council agreed to progress two abstract items for the Conference: Aged Care and Beyond the Binary. Media could be developed closer to the Conference. ‘Quire’ would contact Conference organisers for possible involvement.

Council suggested a number of ways the ACT Government could support the conference: the Chief Minister sponsor and speak at the Conference reception event; the ACT Government could provide support for people from regional and remote communities to attend; Chief Minister could invite ACT Government staff to attend, particularly RED officers.

A work plan was accepted by the Council with the addition of media opportunities related to: IDAHOT, Health in Difference Conference, Intersex Awareness Day, Trans Day of Remembrance. Regular contributions to Fuse Magazine and ad hoc ‘feature’ contributions to other main media outlets are to be developed.

Aged Care
Council agreed to accept the presentation offer at LGBT Health Alliance August Conference. Further liaison with CIT to occur to develop input into relevant Training Packages. Engagement with Northside Community Services to be investigated to identify opportunities in volunteering. Council agreed to engage with Council of the Aged (COTA) on LGBTIQ issues during 2016.

Council agreed to maintaining a link to the ‘Safe Schools’ project. Further engagement opportunities to be investigated including school visits and principal meetings. Engagement with non-government schools could also occur.