Summary Council Outcomes 8 August 2014

Summary of Council Outcomes
Council Meeting 8 August 2014

[This document is a public summary of matters considered by Council. This summary is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by the Council.]

Minister Gentleman
Minister Gentleman thanked members for the opportunity to attend and advised as new Minister, he planned to have an active role in the LGBTIQ sector and was interested in exploring any ongoing policy issues and events planned during 2014.

School Chaplaincy program
Secretariat advised 44 ACT schools are participating in the Commonwealth scheme. The future of the schemes Commonwealth funding of $243m is being considered in light of the high court decision to discontinue the program.

Inclusive sport survey
Survey results are to be posted on Facebook. Reminder for next Council meeting that the ‘You can play forum ‘ is scheduled for 5 November 2014.

Council involvement regarding ageing
Members noted the preliminary outcomes from the consultation report on aged care issues effecting LGBTIQ people in the ACT. Key findings included: different needs for different groups; cost and affordability issues a concern for many with lower financial stability; a greater reliance on community connections; and a need for education at all levels. Draft report to be circulated to members for comment and members to be advised on launch details when available.

Health Practitioner Guidelines for Intersex People
Members noted a summary of progress to date. Council agreed to consultation wording for media release. For members information the 25 October 2014 is Intersex Awareness Day.

Minister Gentleman letter to Council – Sector funding priorities
There was broad discussion about possible funding options and priorities, including support for project based funding and community grants funding. Members supported the importance of advocacy groups working with government and the community in developing policy.

Council agreed to form a subgroup to develop an advice paper for the Minister and that the broad approach should be to contact existing service providers to map services that exist, identify gaps and priority areas and then make recommendations for the delivery of services. Subgroup agreed to provide a draft to members for comment prior to finalising and providing to the Minister.