Through the SBIP, National Arboretum Canberra has worked with APositive, a local small business, on an app that will provide an augmented reality experience for visitors to the Arboretum. The app charts a visitor’s location in the forest, merging reality with sounds native to the forest’s country of origin, generated to provide a unique visitor experience. By charting where visitors are in the forest, the app merges what you see with wild sounds native to the forest’s country of origin, all generated at random to give a unique visitor experience. The app also allows visitors to scan their surroundings to explore stories and find out more information on the 100+ forests at the Arboretum.

A-Positive initially began work with the Arboretum through winning a SBIP ‘Challenge’ calling for local companies to put forward proposals to use augmented reality to enhance experiences within ACT Government land. The initial contract was to provide a prototype. The Arboretum has since extended the project, providing funding to fully complete and launch the app for all Arboretum visitors. This staged procurement approach is central to the SBIP program and allows ACT Government to engage with local companies on innovative projects. By initially building a prototype with a limited scope and budget, new concepts can be proven before a full commitment is made. This lowers the risk and increases the agility of government procurement, whilst giving innovative companies a chance to develop new products in partnership with the ACT Govermnent.

Prior to engaging with the Arboretum, A-Positive also received $50,000 from the ACT Government’s Innovation Connect program to prototype EnergyOpp – a digital toolset for employers to easily and effectively engage employees to adopt more energy efficient behaviours in the workplace using augmented reality.