Through the SBIP, 372 Digital is working with the Emergency Services Agency (ESA) to develop a communications system to assist ESA in managing its diverse pool of volunteer staff. Initially, 372 Digital responded to a ‘Challenge’ calling for local companies to put forth a proposal to improve communications at ESA, and based on their proposed solution was awarded a contract to develop a prototype system.

It is a terrific outcome that ESA has decided to progress with 372 Digital to fully develop the Workforce Connect App from prototype to a market ready application through the SBIP program. The ESA Workforce Connect App demonstrates what can be achieved from partnerships between innovative local businesses and government. The agile progression of this project has ensured an innovative and high value solution for the ACT Government, whilst providing a local company the opportunity to develop their IP giving them the potential to grow, leading to job creation and wider economic growth for Canberra.