SignOnSite provides a site management platform which aids in ensuring safety on construction sites. The cloud-based platform allows for paperless management of construction sites including automated sign-in, effective site communication and visitor management.

The ACT Government has provided SignOnSite with support through their entire innovation journey. They received $50,000 in April 2014 from the Innovation Connect program to build the platform and prove the concept positioning them to attract investment to scale the business. Then, through the SBIP, SignOnSite was contracted by the Asbestos Response Taskforce to implement their software for the management of residential demolition sites. Providing SignOnSite an opportunity to implement their product with the ACT Government has allowed them to grow their business, develop their product and build their reputation.

More recently, SignOnSite has also received $1,500 from the Trade Connect program to attend the ACT Government’s Investment Showcase in Singapore in April 2017. This event will provide SignOnSite with the opportunity to present their business to Singapore businesses and investors.

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