Group Training Organisations

What is a Group Training Organisation?

Group training organisations (GTOs) support the Australian Apprenticeships system by providing employment for Australian Apprentices (apprentices and trainees). GTOs employ apprentices and trainees under a Training Contract and place them with host employers.

An apprentice or trainee may move from one host employer to another throughout the term of their Training Contract. This ensures continuity of employment and enhanced quality and range of training experience for the apprentice or trainee, and also provides benefits for businesses that may otherwise be unable to employ an Australian Apprentice.

When using a GTO many of the responsibilities a business has as an employer are transferred to the GTO. In providing work-related training GTOs and host employers must comply with any code of practice approved by the Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research under the Training and Tertiary Education Act 2003 and notified under the Legislation Act 2001. All employers in the ACT must also ensure the health and safety of workers, customers and visitors by providing a safe workplace and safe systems of work, in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the Act).

GTO Role and Responsibilities

The GTO is the legal employer of the Australian Apprentice and is therefore responsible for:

  • the placement of the apprentice or trainee;
  • the selection and recruitment of apprentices and trainees;
  • management and payment of wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/holiday pay and other employment benefits;
  • management of the quality and continuity of training, both on and off the job;
  • provision of additional care and ongoing support necessary for the apprentice or trainee to successfully complete the Training Contract; and
  • monitoring the apprentice or trainee’s progress against the Training Plan.

By using a GTO, all of the Australian Apprenticeships administration is managed by the GTO.

Host Employer Role and Responsibilities

A host employer is the organisation that hosts, under a written host employer agreement, an apprentice or trainee employed by a GTO. The host employer provides supervision and on-the-job training and pays the GTO for the apprentice or trainee services.
The host employer agreement specifies the responsibilities of each party in relation to the apprentice or trainee’s training and the charge out rate payable. This includes:

  • host employer’s responsibilities in training and supporting the apprentice or trainee while in their workplace,
  • host employer’s obligations to maintain a safe workplace; and
  • the requirement for host employer’s to work cooperatively with the GTO and registered training organisation (RTO).

GTO Registration

The National Standards for Group Training Organisations (the Standards) provide a formal framework that promotes national consistency and quality for group training. To be a registered GTO, the GTO must demonstrate compliance with the Standards, which provides the basis for a GTO to be listed on the GTO National Register.