‘Park Smarter’ in Manuka with the ParkCBR APP

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Step 1 Download the ParkCBR APPCheck the overhead signsPay with the Parkmobile APP

What is it?

Smart Parking is the next innovation in parking, and will make your trip to Manuka even better. The current trial in Manuka includes 460 infra-red parking bay sensors, five LED parking availability street signs and the ParkCBR smart phone application.

  • Using a simple red, amber and green system, ParkCBR is the only app to provide real-time parking availability information in Manuka, Canberra
  • The ParkCBR app supports drivers to find and pay for parking, as it interacts with most satellite-navigation apps and provides the ability to pay for parking with a link to ParkMobile.
  • This trial will evaluate the ability of the Smart Parking program to provide timely parking information to drivers, decrease congestion and improve user experience.
  • Access Canberra and Parking Operations staff will be available to provide information and answer queries.

How can I get it?

To use ParkCBR drivers will need a data connection, WiFi or a 3G/4G phone.

You can install the app from either Google Play or the Apple AppStore:

  • Android users can access the GooglePlay Store, search for ‘ParkCBR’ and press ‘download’. Depending on the network being accessed, this should take about one minute. The user will then be prompted to press ‘install’.
  • Apple Smartphone users can access the AppStore, search for ‘ParkCBR’ and press ‘download’. Depending on the network being accessed, this should take about one minute. The user will then be prompted to press ‘install’.

Check the LED signs indicating available parking spaces. Pay for your parking with the existing Parkmobile app.

Where is it?

The following streets are included in the Manuka Smart Parking trial:

On-street bays in the trial coverage zone:

  1. Furneaux (between Canberra Avenue and Murray Crescent)
  2. Bougainville (between Furneaux and Flinders Way)
  3. Flinders Way (between Murray Crescent and Canberra Ave)
  4. Franklin (between Captain Cook Crescent and Ducane Street)
  5. Captain Cook Crescent (both sides, between Canberra Avenue and Murray Crescent /Stuart Street).

Off-street bays in the trial coverage zone:

6.Furneaux Street carpark at the corner of Furneaux and Bougainville Streets.


Provides information on:

  • available parking bays in real time, including disabled parking
  • parking availability in either general terms (Manuka) or street-specific
  • number of available spaces, hours of operation and hourly tariffs
  • alternative parking spaces near a preferred destination, along with specific directions
  • both off-street and on-street parking availability in six key parking areas close to Manuka’s shopping, dining, cafe and retail hub.

Results in:

  • decreased traffic congestion in Manuka.
  • users rating a range of parking locations, to help other drivers
  • app storage option for storing your favourite parking spots.

What does it cost?

The ParkCBR app is free.


Contact Smart Parking on parkcbr.support@smartparking.com if you are experiencing any problems with the app.