ACT Work Safety Council - Communique

Meeting number 28

24 May 2017

The Work Safety Council is established under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to advise the Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations on matters relating to work safety, workers’ compensation and workplace privacy. The Council meets quarterly and consists of representatives from government, industry and unions.

Summary of discussions

The Chair advised confirmation of appointments have been received for three new acting members: Ms Louise Hughes (SRC Solutions Pty Ltd), Ms Lisa Dart (Project Coordination Australia Pty Ltd) and Mr Matthew McCann (Electrical Trades Union of Australia).

The Council was advised that the Minister is supportive of the Council’s Strategic Plan for 2017. The Plan is available on the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate’s web page.

Members were updated on the deliberations of the Occupational Violence Advisory Committee and agreed that there was a need to seek greater engagement from the health, aged care, and education private sectors to ensure that issues around occupational violence in those sectors could be adequately examined by the Committee.  Similarly, the Council encouraged the Committee to seek additional female representation, as available data indicated that a greater proportion of female workers were subject to occupational violence.

Members were given an update on the Construction Safety Advisory Committee. Members considered and agreed to the development of a site supervisor workplace health and safety training course for the construction industry. This proposal is supported by the ACT Work Safety Commissioner, union and industry stakeholders.

The Council was provided with an update on the issue of psychosocial injuries in the workplace and noted that this is an area where research and analysis was occurring at the national level.

The Council was provided with an update on Heat Stress in the workplace. Safe Work Australia is currently working on national guidance material for work in heat. Information from this work will be shared with the Council as it comes to hand.

The Council was informed that the Return to Work Coordinator training course is to be reviewed. Members were asked for nominations for an offline review.

The Work Safety Commissioner provided the Council with an update on the recent activities of WorkSafe ACT. Members noted that 3,700 work place visits had already been undertaken this year, which in an increase on last year.

Next Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 30 August 2017.


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