ACT Work Safety Council - Communique

Meeting number 33

26 September 2018

The Work Safety Council is established under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to advise the Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations on matters relating to work safety, workers’ compensation, bullying in the workplace and other workplace psychosocial issues. The Council meets quarterly and includes of representatives from government, industries, and unions.

Summary of discussions

The Council was provided with an update from the Work Safety Commissioner.  He noted the appointment of a dedicated asbestos inspector as well as a dedicated apprentice and young worker inspector.  The apprentice and young worker inspector has been actively working with young workers and employers to ensure work health and safety obligations are met. WorkSafe ACT is also engaged in the nationally emerging health and safety issue of silica dust exposure.

The Council discussed the need to improve community awareness and compliance with work health and safety laws in relation to vehicles as workplaces. Members were also provided with an update on national level discussions covering a range of work health and safety matters including illegally installed asbestos, quad bike fatalities and plant registration.

The Council agreed to incorporate apprentices, trainees and young workers’ work health and safety issues into the strategic business plan for the Council with a specific focus on these employees’ rights, supervision and mental health.

The Council endorsed changes to the terms of reference for the Occupational Violence Advisory Committee to expand the Committee’s deliberations to cover hospitals and the retail and hospitality industry.

The Council also discussed and voted on proposed reforms to the powers of work health and safety permit holders in relation to the video recording of visits to the workplace and the taking of photographs when exercising right of entry powers.  The Council will be writing to advise the Minister of the outcomes of those deliberations.

Council members endorsed the ACT Construction Industry Safety Strategy 2018-20 finalised by the Construction Safety Advisory Committee.  A copy of the Strategy will be provided to the Minister.

Other business discussed at the meeting included current issues regarding the application of workers’ compensation cover to family day carers, and a report into workplace safety for young women workers.

The Council considered the latest injury data provided by the Secretariat – the trend report is provided at the following link:

Next Meeting scheduled for February 2019.


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