ACT Work Safety Council - Communique

Meeting number 34

14 March 2019

The Work Safety Council is established under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to advise the Minister for Employment and Workplace Safety on matters relating to work safety and workers’ compensation. The Council meets quarterly and includes representatives from government, industry, and unions.

Summary of discussions

The Chair welcomed the new employer representative member, Ms Renessa Gray, appointed since the last Council meeting.

Council Members discussed the outcomes of the 2018 Independent review of the ACT’s work safety compliance infrastructure, policies and procedures. Council Members were introduced to Ms Amanda Grey who is leading the team responsible for implementing the recommendations of the review. Members then discussed the implementation process including progress on the legislative changes for the new governance structure for WorkSafe ACT.

Council Members agreed to consider the strategic direction of the Council for the next financial year (2019-20) as part of the next Council meeting.

Council Members were provided with an update on recent developments at the national level with regard to workers’ compensation and work health and safety issues and policies. In relation to the regulation of asbestos, the Council considered that the ACT should not delay implementing any changes to the model work health and safety laws that are agreed at the national level regarding illegally installed asbestos.

The Council discussed the development of a labour hire licensing scheme in the ACT, noting the ACT’s preference is for a national approach to this issue.

The Council considered that latest injury data report and noted that a literature review would be undertaken in relation to the incidence of work-related mental health conditions in ACT workplaces.

The Work Safety Commissioner provided an update to Members on the recent activities of WorkSafe ACT.

Next Meeting scheduled for 13 June 2019.


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